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What is geocaching? The global ‘treasure hunt’ game you can play to make the most of great outdoors this summer Posted On 16 May 2022

All you need is a smart phone, a pair of walking shoes and a good imagination to take part


With the summer days swiftly approaching, many of us will be left scratching our heads when thinking of how to fill our time.


While relaxing in the garden, nipping to the park to play games with friends or heading out to the old reliable beer garden, are all very good ways of spending your free time, why not try something a little bit different this summer?


Geocaching is a great outdoor activity that can be done by yourself, with your children, your friends or just about anyone.


To begin geocaching, all you need is a smart phone or global positioning system receiver.


Download the Geocaching application (https://www.geocaching.com/play) on your phone and enter your area, you will be then be pointed a position on the map of a “cache” for you to find.


This is now time to strap on your walking shoes, grab a bottle of water and a pen and venture out to find the cache.


After navigating to the point on the application, check the app for hints and tips of exactly where the cache will be hidden and what it will look like.


The cache, or container, can be in any shape or size, ranging from large reusable containers to micro canisters no bigger than the size of your fingernail - the app will give you clues on what you are looking for so do not worry too much.


When you have found the cache, sign in the logbook with your username and pop it back where you found it.


Some larger caches may even contain small items which you can swap for something you own of equal or more value, such as small toys, keychains or magnets.


Make sure to log your success on the app, to keep track of your history of tracking down treasures!


Geocaching has great benefits, including providing exercise with a purpose, as well as giving you an excuse to explore the wider area around you and find wildlife hot spots you may not have realised existed. 

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