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Let there be Light! Posted On 26 August 2021

Ways to brighten up any hallway


Your hallway welcomes you (and your guests) into your home. It should set the tone for the aesthetic of your house and is the perfect place to showcase artwork or favourite photos. Unfortunately, many hallways lack an abundance of natural light and can become dark, forgotten spaces you quickly usher your guests through on arrival. Being clever at utilising the light you do have, and creating an illusion of the light you don’t, will allow your hallway to become a feature in its own right.

Introducing more natural light is obviously the best way to lighten your hallway. One option you could consider is to include glass panels in your front door. Opt for frosted glass or coloured panels if you wish for more privacy. Choosing a light-coloured balustrade will enhance light reflection and will soften the look of the stairs. If you’re happy to change your balustrade completely, choosing one made of clear glass will offer a far greater flow of natural light. If you are happy to, painting timber floors brings guaranteed airiness to the space. If you’re selecting paving, make sure you choose tiles which are pale in colour and have a low sheen.

Consider hanging a mirror in your hallway to both amplify the space and bounce back any available light. Play around with different placements to ensure the maximum amount of light is being reflected.

According to the UK’s National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, roof lights are three times more effective at adding light to your home than windows. If you can place a roof light over your first-floor landing, your hallway is certain to be filled with gorgeous natural light. If this isn’t an option in your property, you could consider fitting internal windows into another room, allowing your hallway to ‘steal’ light from elsewhere. This idea can also be continued by using doors with clear panels between the hall and any adjacent rooms.

A final suggestion is the paint the inside of your front door white. This will reflect any available light there is and will transform your hallway.

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