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Give ‘em Pumpkin to Talk About Posted On 29 October 2021

Life is Gourd

Halloween is fast approaching. So if you’re planning a party or just catering for your family, these spooky delights are sure to wow and terrify hungry mouths everywhere!

1) Slash Cake

The simplest of ideas are often the most effective. To make a slash cake guaranteed to leave you quivering with fear, make a simple red velvet cake (follow any recipe), cover with white fondant icing and make cut into the icing being careful not to slice completely through. Next drip red food colouring into the slashes. Don’t worry about being neat, excess blood dripping down the cake will add to the effect! 

2) Mocktails for everyone!

Lychee ‘eyeballs’ and frozen ‘hands’ will ensure this ghoulish drink leaves you shuddering! 

You will need a pair of powder free, disposable gloves (thank you covid- for once, we all have these on hand!), 425g can lychees, 225g jar cocktail cherries, 15 raisins, 1 litre carton blueberry, blackberry or purple grape juice, 1 litre carton cherry or cranberry juice and 1 litre sparkling water. First, rinse the disposable gloves and fill each with water. Tie a knot in the top of each as you would a balloon or use a tight bag clip to hold the opening closed. Freeze overnight. Drain the lychees and cocktail cherries, reserving the juices in a jug. Push a raisin into one end of each cherry, then push the cherries into the lychees to make ‘eyeballs. Tip all of the juices, plus the reserved lychee and cherry juices, into a large bowl with the ‘eyeballs’. Carefully peel the gloves from the ice hands, add to the punch, then top up with the sparkling water.

3) Devilled eggs

Another simple twist on a classic recipe transforms devilled eggs from a tasty, savoury snack to a Halloween delight! Follow any devilled eggs recipe you fancy but with a slight tweak. After hard-boiling the eggs, peel, and soak for at least 3 hours in a food colouring and water mix. The result? Eggs in shades of blue, green, yellow, red (whatever colouring you choose).

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