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Get Prepped Posted On 31 August 2021

What to do before returning to School and/or Work


The summer holidays are almost over, and it is time to start slowly preparing for the return to school and work. Now is the time to feel productive and make the most of your final couple of weeks freedom from the daily routine.

Short on time?  If you’re schedule is super busy and you only have an hour to spare, you can still be productive and use it to get organised for the new school/work year. You could go through your fridge to clear away any expired, stale or unwanted food. Remember to donate any items which are expired to a local food bank or make use of the apo ‘OLIO’ to donate the items to people from your local area. Having a clear fridge will reduce your cooking time as you will be able to see what you actually have to work with. Another quick job is to look through your summer items, clear away the water pistols, paddling pools and buckets and spades ready for next year. Throw away any broken toys and make the most of the end-of-season sales to replace any items you need to. Creating a shared family calendar will set you in good stead for September. If you’ve got younger children a large, wall calendar is a good way for them to feel involved with plans. If you have older children who make plans of their own, using a shared digital calendar helps you keep track of where everyone is and what they’re doing.

Have a little longer? If you’ve managed to block out a weekend, why not sort through photos of the special memories you have created this summer? Back-up digital photos using the cloud and collate the photos into an album. Make use of apps such as ‘Freeprint’ to order some physical copies of your favourite photos. Why not get some of them printed onto canvases to display in your home? A job which no-one relishes but which is oh-so satisfying when complete is cleaning carpets and floors. After a summer of being used heavily, they are sure to have collected excess sand, dirt etc. Vacuum and mop the floors and use a carpet cleaner to tackle rugs and carpeting.

As the seasons change, it is likely that you will make a few new clothing purchases. Before you do, spend some time assessing what you already have. Try on anything you are unsure about and make sure the items you decide to keep are clean, folded and easy to see. Donate or sell any unwanted items.

Finally, schedule some time to relax. By setting aside time to do this, you are creating a commitment to yourself. Sit down and enjoy that cup of tea or make a start on a good book.

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