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Dive into a New Read Posted On 28 September 2021

Celebrate Read a new Book Month


There is something wonderfully indulgent about settling down with a new book. Some claim it as an act of self-care, others a favourite past time. Whatever you call it, September offers the perfect reason to find a new read and take part in #ReadANewBookMonth


Books have always stood as a testament to the spreading of knowledge, the sharing of tales and the expansion of the mind. For centuries, they have been vital for humans to pass on information long after they’ve passed. This month, your goal is to read a new book, it can be a novel, a DIY manual – the choice is yours.


Books can be expensive so make use of the resources available to you. Trade books with family or friends or head over to your local library where they is sure to be a plethora of books just waiting to be read.


But, what to read?

The Vanishing Half – Brit Bennett, a story which questions identity and choices.

Breath: The Science of a Lost Art – James Nestor, a book packed full of explanations, histories and interviews about breathing and the benefits that come from being more conscious of how you breathe.

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell – Robert Dugoni, a truly uplifting story of self-acceptance and redemption. A reminder that our character, friends and family make us who we are – not the way we look.


Now you’ve decided on what you’re going to read, here are just a few more reasons you should crack that spine or swipe across your kindle…

  • It’s the ultimate excuse for peace and quiet.
  • Books work to your schedule; you can pick them up and put them down when YOU choose.
  • Walking to the library is good exercise and you’ll be building links with your local community.
  • Today’s work is so loud, so connected, choosing to take time out is good for your soul.
  • You can get lost in a magical, beautiful world of your choosing.


Finally, if you’ve got books in your home that you know you won’t read again, why not donate them to a local charity or bookshop and share the magic with others?

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