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Bedroom Design Pitfalls Posted On 23 August 2021

Easy to make errors and how to avoid them


Your bedroom should act as your calm, tranquil haven – somewhere you look forward to going after a long day. On paper, the bedroom should be a simple space to design due to the relatively minimal amounts of furniture it requires. However, it is all too easy to fall foul to these common design traps which prevent the space being your much needed calm escape from the world.

One thing it is easy to be drawn to is a massive bed. Sure, they’re luxurious and have probably featured on your bedroom mood board for years. However, a bed which is too large for the space inhibits other furniture from fitting into the space and could gain you a delightful collection of bruises as you navigate the footboards and posts. Being realistic is your savour here. Assess the size of your room and buy the largest bed that fits in proportion with the space. There should be comfortable walkways on either side and a larger area at the foot of the bed.

Storage is vital in a bedroom and is often overlooked causing you to have to cram in dressing tables, wardrobes and chest of drawers which don’t match the room’s aesthetics to fit the space in order to store your clothes, spare bedding etc. Built-in storage is an easy fix to this. Many companies will create bespoke wardrobes to fit your room so even if it is an unusual shape, you will still have ample hanging space and shelving.

If you rely on your phone as an alarm or use a light next to the bed, you will need sockets close to where you plan to put the bed. If you are remodelling, consider where you will need sockets and ensure there is an adequate amount in the room. If you’re not remodelling, but rather having a restyle, a qualified electrician can easily run a couple of extra sockets around the room. These sections would have to be replastered and painted though.

There’s nowhere to sit. If you plan to use your bedroom to relax in as well as sleep, consider including a comfy chair into the design. Make sure this chair doesn’t become the ‘dumping’ chair for all clothes – easier said than done!

Planning is key when designing a bedroom which works for you. Map out the dimensions of your room and consider which key pieces of furniture you wish to include.

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