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A screen-free summer Posted On 25 June 2021

Must-try games kids will love


When you think back to childhood summers what do you remember fondly? Chances are it’s not being glued to a tv-screen, it’s the fun you had outdoors with other people. Today, the options of screens have multiplied: TVs, I-pads, phones, kindles and games consoles, with many of the games you used to play having fallen by the wayside. Make the most of this summer and introduce your kids to some old favourites.

First up is the slip n slide. You will need heavy-duty plastic sheeting, landscape anchor pins, a hammer, a garden hose and some baby soap. Step one is to choose your location, a flat surface will work but if you have a slight incline in your garden – all the better! Next, fold the plastic sheeting in half to create another layer between the kids and the ground. Then, hammer the sheet to the ground using the landscape anchor pins. Now comes the fun part, turn on the hose and squirt some baby soap for a little extra slipperiness. Get sliding! This one is sure to entertain your kids for hours. Make sure you rotate where you place the sheeting next time to give your grass a respite.

This next one can be played outdoors or indoors so is a good option to teach your kids in case the heavens unexpectantly open. The opposite of Hide and Seek: sardines. In Sardines, one person is selected to hide whilst everyone else counts. When the time is up, the seekers must all look for the first sardine. Once found, they join the sardine in their hiding spot. The last person to squeeze in loses.

Colours is a great option to tire the kids out and requires very little effort on the part of the adult – ideal. First, select a colour and then give the kids a set amount of time to bring you as many items of that colour as they can. The winner is the player who brings the most items to you of the correct colour within the time limit. This game can be switched up to retrieve items beginning with a certain letter, that rhyme with a certain word etc.

Not as traditional but always a firm favourite with kids of any age is ‘the floor is lava’. Announce randomly and watch them scurry to reach higher ground!

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