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Why It's A Good Idea To Sell Your Home This Autumn

Published at: 23/08/2017

Are you thinking of putting your property on the market but feel you need to wait until the spring, which is traditionally the busiest month for estate agents when most sales are made? There are no hard and fast rules about when is best to put your property on the market, so let's look at why the autumn could be the ideal time to sell your home.

Less Competition

If the spring is the busiest time for marketing properties then it stands to reason that there will be less competition at other times of the year. This is of course could be great news for you. With less properties on the market your will stand out more, meaning you could get a faster sale for a better price.

Visual Impact

There is a reason why autumn is many people's favourite season of the year. With leaves changing colour and falling, and crisper, fresher air than in the summer, many properties and neighbourhoods will be looking at their very best in the agent's photographs, and to potential buyers pulling up outside. Some will look absolutely stunning.

No Holidays

It's traditional for the property market to slow down a little during the summer. This is only to be expected as buyers and sellers have plenty of other things on their minds with children off school, summer holidays, and other activities all competing for their time. The last thing many people may want to think about is viewing properties. However, once suntans have faded and the children are back in school, with no major holidays or celebrations to plan for its business as usual and time to get busy in the property market.

In By Christmas

Autumn has one more ace up its sleeve. Many buyers will want to have all the hassle and upheaval of moving out of the way as fast as possible and to be completed and moved in by Christmas. This is good news for you as your buyer will be pushing at their end with a firm completion date in mind, and you can do the same with your new home. As a bonus, this deadline may even encourage more viewings and higher offers.

So, in conclusion, there is no bad time to put your property on the market, but autumn comes with some benefits that may help you sell it quicker, get higher offers on it, and complete sooner.

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