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Top Tips to Make Moving House Day Stress Free

Published at: 07/03/2017

Three of the most stressful experiences you may experience in your life are bereavement, divorce, and moving house.

Did you know that the average person will move house eight times in their lifetime? That's an awful lot of stress to cope with over the years, which is why Jackson & Co have put together our top ten tips on how to make it go as smoothly as possible.


1. Have a Good Clear Out

There can be on better excuse than moving house to have a good clear out. Whether it's clothes or old pots and pans, what is the point in packing up then unpacking things you haven't used in years?

You can sell unwanted items on Ebay, Gumtree and Facebook selling pages, donate them to a local charities, or if they really have seen better days load the car up and make a trip to your local council's recycling centre. In Colchester this can be found at:

Maldon Road,
Shrub End

For recycling information and opening hours at Colchester Recycling Centre CLICK HERE.

2. Contact the Utility Companies Well in Advance

It pays to be organised with your utilities. Leaving contacting them until the last minute can leave you in that 21st century nightmare of days, maybe even weeks, of only the free television channels, and even worse, no Wifi. Would the children ever forgive you?

Get organised and let those companies know as soon as you can.

3. Redirect your Post

Redirecting your post will ensure that no matter how diligent you have been in informing everyone you can think of about your new address, letters, bills, parcels etc from anyone you forgot, or people and companies you rarely hear from, still get to you.

You can redirect your mail for 3, 6 or 12 months and prices start at just £31.99.

For more information about redirection services, and to sign up, CLICK HERE.

4. Get Wrapping

Newspaper and bubble wrap are your friends. Start collecting old newspapers and saving bubble wrap as soon as you know you will be moving. You can never have too much as it's surprising how much you will get through.

5. Ask Local Businesses for Boxes

Buying boxes is not cheap! Instead you can get them for free from your local supermarkets. Just ask a friendly assistant. It's also worth putting a request for boxes on your own Facebook page, as well as local buying and selling pages as there will often be people out there who have just moved and have a dozen or more redundant boxes they will be happy to give you.

You can never have too many. It's amazing how things start to bulk up once you take them out of cupboards, wrap them up for protection, and pack them up in boxes.

6. Label those Boxes

Labelling boxes with their contents and the room to put it in will make your life, and your removal company's life if you use one, a whole lot easier and ensure a much smoother move.

7. Pack in the rRght Order

Thank about what you won't be needing in the run up to the move and get packing as early as you can. Leave essentials until last, and the real essentials, such as your cooking utensils, until the very last minute.

Jackson & Co bonus tip: Put the kettle, a few mugs, tea bags and spoons etc in a separate box and take it in the car with you. It's going to be an exhausting day and it's easy to forget where you packed something at the last minute, and this way you can at least have a cuppa as soon as you get to your new abode.

8. Search for the Best Deal on Vans

If you are going to move yourself, shop around for the best deal on vans, book early and make sure you book a van that's big enough for your needs. As we said about boxes, it's amazing how your belongings can bulk up so better to have a bit of empty space in the van than have to make extra trips because you couldn't fit everything in.

9. Final Meter Readings

Once you have the van loaded up give the house a final clean and take a note of your gas and electricity readings to ensure you get an accurate final bill.

Jackson & Co bonus tip: Take a picture of the meters with your phone so that if there is any dispute later you have photographic evidence.

10. Pay Someone to Do It

It's not the cheapest option, but paying a professional removal company to move you will take away a lot of the stress on the big day. Many companies will even come round a couple of days before to pack for you, and disassemble furniture and reassemble it at your new home.

Good luck with you move and the new life you will be beginning when you pick up the keys to your new home from the estate agents.

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