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Top Tips for Preparing Your Garden to Sell Your Home

Published at: 22/09/2016

Not everyone is a keen gardener, but a well presented garden could go a long way towards helping your estate agent sell your home quicker, so it is worth spending time making your garden more attractive to potential buyers.

Remember though, you are not improving it for your own future enjoyment, so don't invest in features you won't see a return on, instead think about what will add value to your property, and what won't.

For some, one look at high-maintenance features like a koi pond with its pool house full of filters and pumps, a busy vegetable patch, or a complicated rock garden full of fragile treasures in need of individual attention, could put a potential buyer off even if they love the interior of your home.

Non-keen gardeners will often prefer a pleasant looking garden that's quick and easy to maintain, and even keen gardeners might be looking for a blank canvas that they can turn into the garden of their dreams. You can't assume a new owner will share your taste.

Here are Jackson & Co's top five tips:

1. Kerb Appeal

First impressions count, so make sure the front garden is well cared for and complements the house giving viewers the best possible impression when they arrive. This will also ensure the estate agent can take great photographs to send out with their sales details and put on their website, Rightmove etc. An attractive hanging basket or two will soften the front of the house, and make sure any flower beds are attractive, well stocked and maintained.

2. The Drive, Paths and Patio

Smarten up the drive, pathways, and patio. Pressure wash it if necessary to ensure they are spotlessly clean, and maybe invest in a few well-chosen tubs of plants which you can of course take with you when you move. If you have trellis work on the walls make sure they are in good condition. The same goes for car ports, gazebos and summerhouses.

3. Open Up the View

If your house is set in open countryside, don't hide it away behind over-grown hedges and tangled trees, open up the views with some judicious trimming. It's amazing how a bit of effort can improve the view and make the garden seem bigger. Trimming unruly hedges and reshaping shrubs will make the place look cared for and loved.

4. Don't Forget the Basics

It goes without saying that the garden should be weeded, the lawns mown, and all the usual messy bits, such as compost heaps and pots, tidied up. If you have a rather busy garden it may be worth turfing over unnecessary beds to create a clean, uncluttered look which will make the place feel more spacious. Turf is relatively inexpensive and can be bought a most nurseries and DIY stores.

5. Make the Best of What You've Got

However, if your garden really is a disaster don't despair, clear away any rubbish and cut the grass then make the most of this creative opportunity using some of the tips above.

If you are thinking of selling your home contact our Sales Team at Jackson & Co for a no obligation market assessment and valuation.

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