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Top Five Tips When Viewing Properties

Published at: 10/05/2017

Searching for your new home can be exciting, and no more so than when you find a property and fall in love with it. However, in all the flurry of activity when you think you've found your dream home, it's all too easy to forget to check some of the most important details.

To help you out, Jackson & Co have put together our Five Top Tips to help keep you focussed:

Is The Property Structurally Sound?

Take a walk round the exterior of the building. Are there any cracks in the walls, broken guttering, or missing or loose roof tiles? If you notice anything that concerns you, ask what has caused it and if the seller will be fixing it. Pay particular attention to any cracks as this can be a sign of subsidence.

It's worth considering paying for an independent survey, so you can find out if there are any serious faults with the property before you commit to buying it.

Is There Any Damp?

Damp is a health hazard that can lead to breathing problems. Be aware of any musty smells, and watch out for flaking plaster, and watermarks on ceilings or walls.

What's more, getting rid of a damp problem can be expensive, but it's also a common and resolvable problem, so if this really is the home of your dreams damp needn't rule it out.

How Long Has The Property Been On the Market?

If the property has been on the market for a number of months, or in some cases years, the vendor may be willing to accept a lower offer.

If your offer is accepted and you put your home on the market with us we'll give you clear, honest advice about how to achieve the best possible price for your property, and handle any negotiations for you.

Here at Jackson & Co we've got an enviable record in marketing homes to buyers so if you're ready to sell, we're the estate agents to help you do it.

Have Any Major Works Been Carried Out?

Quite the opposite of stopping you from putting in an offer, this could well be good news because the property has been improved.

However, check there are certificates and/or receipts for the work that has been done, and that any necessary planning permissions have been given. An online search will bring up any planning applications relating to the property.

Does This Home Tick The Boxes?

This is the most important one of all.

There's a lot more to a new home than just bricks and mortar. You may have fallen in love with a property, but does it really meet your needs? Were you after shorter journey times to work? A bigger garden for the children? Is it within you desired school catchment area?

These are things that only you can answer.

Jackson & Co are the leading estate agent in Colchester and can help you to find your dream home. Or do you want to sell? Call us on 01206 863900 for a free valuation.

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