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Top Five Packing Tips

Published at: 16/07/2017

If you are moving yourself, or you're using a removal company but not using their packing service, then there's no escaping it, you're going to have to pack up your home ahead of the big day. If you have never moved before you may be thinking that packing is the easy bit, but you'll soon find how stressful this can be as your belongings seem to increase in volume as you put them into boxes. However, a little planning and preparation will pay dividends.

Here are Jackson & Co's top five packing tips for the big day.

Quality Counts

There are many ways to get hold of boxes to pack up all your worldly goods. Friends and relatives who have recently moved may still have their boxes, supermarkets and shops may be able to let you have empty boxes, or you can buy them from your removal company. But wherever you get your boxes from it's important that they are strong and sturdy or you could be setting yourself up for heartache if a box splits and a precious belonging gets broken. And don't forget to buy plenty of packing tape.

Start Early

Not only do you probably have more possessions than you realised, it can also take a lot longer to pack them up for your move than you imagined, so the earlier you start packing the less stressful it will be. Better to finish a day or two early than to be frantically finishing packing the night before your move, or worse still that morning!

Avoid Empty Space

Empty space isn't just wasted it space, it can also lead to damage. So when you are packing make sure to leave as little empty space in the boxes as you can, so that items can't move around and possibly get broken. Also, don't forget that the more items you get into a box, the less boxes you will need to pack, lug around and eventually unpack.

Pack Heavy Items at the Bottom

When you start packing a box it's a good idea to put heavier items at the bottom. Firstly this will make the boxes more evenly balanced and easier for anyone who has to lift and carry them, (if you use a removal company they will appreciate it!) and secondly it stops lighter and possibly more fragile items from getting squashed and possibly broken.

Pack a Moving In Box

It's all to easy when you are packing to think you will remember which box something is in, then find you are completely wrong and have to route through dozens of boxes to find an essential item. Save yourself that stress by packing a Moving In box of essentials that you will need as soon as you are in your new home. This might include the kettle, tea and coffee, snacks, and the remote controls for the television and DVD player, plus some DVDs, so you can set the television up to keep any younger children occupied.

So it now just remains for us to wish you luck in your new home!

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