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Throwing Some Light On Selling Your Home

Published at: 20/03/2018

You've decluttered your home. All those odd jobs that never seemed to get done are finally behind you and your d├ęcor is the best it's ever been.

So now you are almost ready to put your home on the market, have you thought about your lights?

Great lighting creates atmosphere, which we talked about in a previous article HERE. It can transform a gloomy corner and make your home feel warm and welcoming on a dull, gloomy day.

Here are some simple ways to brighten your home and make it stand out to your potential buyer!

Upgrade your light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are great, but they do take time to warm up and to give out the maximum amount of light. So unless you've left all your lights on this can be a bit of a problem on viewings when there is little or no natural light. Why not swap them for low energy LED bulbs? A 5 watt LED bulb can provide the same light as a 30 watt bulb, with up to 6 times the energy saving. Plus your rooms will be brighter too.

Incorporate Lamps

Nothing creates atmosphere like lamps. Place a lamp next to an armchair in the corner of the lounge and voila! You have a cosy reading spot. Matching lamps either side of your bed creates symmetry and the feeling of a warm, snug bedroom. You can make big statements with lamps, and as with your furniture they can become part of the room, so consider table and standing lamps for maximum effect.

Light fittings

Light fittings speak volumes about your home. They can give a feeling of luxury, of sleek modern design, or a cosy traditional feel. A stylish chandelier can be an impressive centrepiece in a room. Consider the age and overall style of your home. Whatever you choose, get it right and your light fittings can pull an entire scheme together and create a fabulous first impression.

Light up your exterior

Kerb appeal is no less important at night than it is in the day. Many viewings take place in the evening, and some buyers will take a drive around an area after dark to check it out. So you really want your home to stand out. Exterior lights are always a welcome addition, creating a feeling of safety and security. Whether it's a traditional lantern style lamp next to the front door creating a warm, soft glow, or something more modern, lighting creates a great first impression.

Whether it's fabulous light fittings, bold standing lamps, or dramatic uplighters lighting up the outside of your house, lighting can transform your home into a fabulous property to appeal to viewers.

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market this and would like a no obligation valuation the Sales Team at Jackson & Co would love to hear from you.

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