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Selling Your Home Over The Winter

Published at: 19/12/2017

If you are thinking of selling this winter could be the perfect time for you to think about putting your home on the market.

Although the spring can be a more popular time to sell your home, there are many advantages to marketing in the winter, with a view to being in your new home as the weather starts to warm up for the summer.

Many sellers wait until the spring to market their home, but then there is more supply, which equals more competition. In January demand is still very high, but with less competition there is more chance of your home selling quicker, and for a higher selling price than if you compete with the flurry of new instructions coming onto the market a couple of months later.

Many sellers worry that gloomy winter weather can put buyers off, but quite the opposite can happen. Stepping into a bright, warm and cosy home on a drizzly afternoon or bitterly cold winter's day can have an uplifting effect on viewers and help them see your home in a more positive light. If they love it in the depths of winter just think how much more they will appreciate it in the summer months.

Just think, if they can see themselves living there in the winter you could be much closer to an offer!

One thing you may want to try to do is to arrange viewings during daylight hours because anyone viewing after dusk isn't going to get the full experience of your home. Once it has got dark viewers aren't going to fully appreciate your home in its setting, or see the garden that you have careful tended to attract buyers and those all important offers.

One last thing. Ensure your Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away before the marketing pictures are taken. This prevents the photos from looking dated if your property doesn't sell straight away.

So in conclusion, this winter could be a great time to put you house on the market.

If you would like a no obligation valuation of your property the Sales Team at Jackson & Co would love to hear from you.

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