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Moving House Top Tips

Published at: 12/07/2016

Moving house checklist

The prospect of moving home can be daunting, but if you use the Jackson & Co step-by-step guide the run up to the big day, and the day itself, needn't be as stressful as you expect.

Two months before the move

Book any time off work you will need.

Check out local schools if you are moving to a new area and arrange to meet with head teachers or year heads.

Beg, borrow or buy cardboard boxes and start packing anything you can live without for the next few weeks.

Have a good clear out.

Five to six weeks before

Get quotes from removal companies. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

Arrange buildings and contents insurance to ensure you have cover from the day you move in to your new home. This might also be a good time to review you home insurance needs to check if you are getting the best deal, or if you need extra cover.

Three to four weeks before

Search for the best television, broadband and phone deals at your new address. Some providers offer very good introductory offers for new customers switching from a competitor.

Likewise search for the cheapest energy tariffs for your new home.

One to two weeks before

Carry on with that packing and do a thorough clean.

Sort your bills out. Update your address with your TV licence, banks and building societies, credit cards, insurance companies, and your pensions and investments.

Register to pay council tax for your new home.

Arrange to redirect your mail.

Arrange a cancellation date for local deliveries and services, such as newspapers.

The day before

Finish your packing paying special attention to what you'll need on the first night in your new home.

Strip any beds that won't be slept in again.

Walk through your house and make sure everything is accounted for.

Make sure you have the keys to your new home, or have arranged to collect them from the estate agents.

On the big day!

Make sure you're present when the removal crew arrives so you can guide them around the house.

Do a final quick clean where furniture has been moved or floors have got dirty.

Make a note of all meter readings and keep this somewhere safe. Jackson & Co tip - Take a picture of the meters your phone camera. This avoids the chance to lose a piece of paper and provides evidence if there is a dispute later.

Take a final look around to see if you've forgotten anything. Also check that all windows are secure and water, gas and electricity supplies are switched off.

At your new home

When the removal company unloads your furniture at your new place check for any damage.

Take opening gas and electric readings and contact suppliers, not forgetting our phone picture tip of course.

Once you've settled in

Register with a local doctor and dentist and find a vet if you have any pets.

Update the electoral register, as you won't be automatically registered to vote. You can register at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Explore your new environment, and maybe sample local restaurants, pubs and other amenities.

Sit back and relax... you might even want to go and say hello to your new neighbours!

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