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Making Your Viewers Feel Welcome

Published at: 12/04/2018

Making your viewers feel welcome in your home is crucial to a successful sale or let. First impressions will always start with the photos your estate agent takes but there's also the inevitable drive by inspections before viewings ahead of the actual viewing, so it's important to get your ducks in a row from the moment your home hits the market.

Let's start with the outside

Clean the windows, put any blinds up and tie curtains back.

Ensure your front garden is clean and tidy, the lawn mowed and some nice colourful plants it possible.

Pressure wash paths and patios or scrub with Jeyes fluid.

Hide away your recycling bins and sacks or buy a garden store for them.

If you have a driveway make sure it's as tidy as the front garden and deal with any oil marks, weeds, uneven gravel or potholes.


Clear up any post or junk mail from the doormat.

Give the front door a good clean if it needs it and polish the door furniture.

Draught proofing doors helps with noise inside if you're in a busy area.

If you live in a flat don't forget the communal areas.

Declutter your entrance space. If coats, umbrellas, shoes and bootsare can't be hidden away they need to be ordered and tidy.

General inside

Temperature - it goes without saying you don't want it too cold in winter or too hot in the summer.

Side lights create a more relaxing atmosphere than ceiling lights so turn them on before your viewers arrive, or leave them on if the agent is accompanying the viewers.

Laundry is a fact of life but keep it hidden away or tidy in a corner or on a clothes horse, not on radiators and hanging off doors.

Wipe down condensation prone surfaces such a grout, seals and sills and reseal round baths/showers if necessary.

Check light fittings and corners for cobwebs.

Ensure kitchen and bathroom surfaces are clean and uncluttered.

Childrens' toys should be in their bedrooms or playroom only and not scattered around the home. Nobody wants to step on your childrens' favourite toys or have to squeeze past baby bouncers

No two homes are ever the same but that's a few basics for you to give you some food for thought. Now good luck with those viewings!

If you are thinking of putting your home in the Colchester area on the market and would like a no obligation valuation the Sales Team at Jackson & Co would love to hear from you.

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