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Lights, Cameras, Jackson!

Published at: 23/06/2017

There was high excitement, and a few new outfits, when the guys from the video company visited us at the Jackson & Co offices to make our brand new corporate video about our Lettings Services.

As Colchester's leading estate agents it's important for us to communicate effectively with our customers, so with more and more people now consuming information by video is seemed only natural to use this medium to reach out to our future tenants.

The objective was simple. To create a video to demystify the lettings process for our clients, many of whom come from overseas to live here in Colchester.

With hair and make-up done, ties straightened and enunciation at the forefront of the minds of those of us who would be speaking to the camera, we got the shoot underway.

We covered a lot of ground, starting off with an introduction to Jackson & Co in which Dean Jackaman, the founder of the estate agency, spoke about the company's ethos and values, things that are at the very heart of our business.

In order to simplify the whole process and remove any stress we also shot sections explaining the checking in process and monthly inspections, and the checking out process. In addition we explained how car parking arrangements work.

One concern of many tenants when they rent a property can be "What happens to my deposit and how do I get it back when I move out?" so give our tenants peace we devoted a whole section to this to explain how your deposit is kept secure in a UK government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme for the duration of your tenancy.

These sections are divided into nice bite sized videos which you can watch right HERE on our website.

We hope you enjoy our foray into the world of video and found the information useful and informative. If you would like any further information please contact our Lettings Team would will be delighted to talk to you.

And that's a wrap!

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