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Jackson & Co's Top Ten Tips For securing Your Home When You Go On Holiday

Published at: 23/05/2018

After a long, hard winter summer is finally here and many of you will be thinking about heading off on holiday.

When your home is empty it is important to remember to keep it safe as most burglaries take place when nobody is home. That's why we believe it is important to make your home look occupied, even if you are just getting away for the weekend and there are a number of simple steps you can take to make it look as though someone home while you are away.

Here is Jackon & Co's simple guide:

1) Set timers on internal lights and radios.

2) Cancel your newspaper deliveries.

3) Leave a spare key with a neighbour and ask them to pick up your post, free newspapers, flyers etc from the floor. This is especially important if you have a glass panel in the door through which someone could see them lying on the mat. Also ask them to make sure letters and newspapers are fully pushed through the letter box properly until they have a chance to let themselves in to sort them out.

4) Also ask them to put your rubbish and recycling out on the appropriate day. If you have a wheelie bin and glass/cans bin ask them to bring them back in again too.

5) Mow the lawn before you go away and ask a neighbour to water any pot plants to stop them looking wilted and abandoned.

6) Ask a neighbour if they would like to leave a car on your drive.

7) Do not leave valuables on display and to keep blinds angled to prevent would be burglars looking into the property.

8) Ensure all locks on doors and windows have keys and are working. It sounds obvious but make sure you lock up the whole property before heading on holiday.

9) Consider installing security lights and, if you have a burglar alarm, make sure your tenants know how to use it and set it.

10) Last but not least it is always wise to be careful about any information you on social media before and during your holiday. You don't want to risk being burgled as a result of giving too much away Facebook, Twitter or other platforms.

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