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Jackson & Co's Top Five Tips For Selling Your Home During The Winter

Published at: 21/12/2017

With the days being noticeably shorter many are tempted to sit tight over the winter months and put their home on the market in the spring.

But as we said in a previous article, don't be fooled into thinking nobody will be interested in your home during the cold, wet winter months. Quite the opposite in fact, buyers are out there all year round, and with less competition during the winter months you may well sell quicker and for a higher price than if you hold out until the spring.

So, if you've decided to take the plunge here are our Top Five Tips to help you sell your home during the winter.

1) First Impressions Count

The initial few seconds when a potential buyer first sees your home can make a big impact on them, so ensure the outside is well maintained with windows, and walls if necessary, washed to remove and dirt caused by the winter weather. Clear the drive and any paths of leaves and put salt on any ice because the last thing you want it a potential buyer to take a tumble!

2) A Warm Welcome

Ensuring your home is warm, cosy and well-lit can encourage viewers to stay longer, which helps them along in the process of imagining themselves living in your home. If you have a fire or wood burner light it to create a welcoming ambience.

3) The Garden

An unkempt garden can be off-putting to buyers at any time of the year, so even though you may have thought you had put away your gardening tools until the spring, get out there and trim any bushes and hedges that need attention, rake up fallen leaves, and trim back any overhanging branches that may be blocking much needed light from entering the house. You may even want to have photographs to hand showing your garden in all its glory during the summer months.

4) DIY

Tackle all those DIY jobs you have been putting off such as fixing dripping taps or filling and painting any cracks in the walls. Even spend a little time redecorating any rooms that have become tired. You may not notice it but potential buyers will and fresh paintwork goes a long way. Don't forget your gutters too, increased rain and falling leaves over the winter can cause blockages so make sure they a clear because leaky, overflowing guttering and cracked pipes isn't a good look.

5) Going Away?

If you are planning a winter break make sure you leave the heating on at a low temperature while you are gone. Not only will this prevent any pipes from freezing it will also ensure that if we bring someone for a viewing during your absence they won't be met with an icy blast when we open the front door. If your home is cold viewers won't want to hang around.

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market this winter and would like a no obligation valuation the Sales Team at Jackson & Co would love to hear from you.

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