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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Published at: 12/03/2018

It may be well worn, but there is an enormous amount of truth in the saying 'home is where your heart is'.

Your home. It's a place of safety and comfort. It\'s the place you share with your family and your pets. Where you entertain friends and relatives. Laughter is shared here and tears wiped away. Your home is part of who you are and you in turn become part of it. It\'s where you live your life, where memories are made, and ultimately it is essential for your well-being.

So why do people move?

People move for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes happy reasons, such as a new child might be on the way and they need more space, sometimes not so happy, maybe after a break up and they are looking for somewhere new to make a fresh start.

But whatever the reasons, the big question is, how can you make someone fall in love with your home?

First Impressions Count

Never underestimate the power of first impressions. It's the moment you first set eyes on something, or someone. Think of the effort you would make for a job interviews, carefully choosing the right outfit or shirt and tie to look your very best on the day, or the planning that goes into a wedding to ensure a memorable day for the happy couple, their families and friends. Why would you not do the same if you want someone to fall in love with your home?

So think about your home looks. Will it impress viewers? You've only got seconds from when they walk through the front door to make that right first impression.

Tip: Prepare properly for minimum stress

Atmosphere and Ambience

What is atmosphere? We believe it is a feeling, a vibe, a combination of the design of the property, the d├ęcor, your furnishings and personal items. Everything that makes it your home. And it's what makes viewers decide if they want to take their time in your home to find out all they can about it. Sometimes atmosphere happens naturally, but it can also be created. Simple little tricks can help such as fresh flowers, lighting a cosy fire if it\'s winter, dressing the beds and putting the bedside lights on. And make sure the house smells great!

Just as importantly, don't forget that people also create atmosphere. At Jackson & Co we offer accompanied viewings, but if you prefer to show people round your home yourself show it off with a happy, positive attitude.

Tip: Less can be more

We truly believe there is a buyer out there for every home, and as your estate agent we aim to find them. Our success at matching buyers with sellers is why so many people in Colchester and the surrounding area chose Jackson & Co when it is time to sell their home. If you'd like to know more about how we can help you find that ideal buyer and get the best price for your home please CONTACT us for a chat and a no obligation market appraisal.

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