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First Time Buyer Life Changes

Published at: 25/07/2017

Buying your first home can be as scary as it is exciting. Solicitors, forms, surveys… the list seems endless, but once the legalities are concluded and you have been given the keys and moved into your first home the stresses will soon be forgotten as you make the place your own.

Being a homeowner also means a change in your priorities. Where once you might have thought nothing about buying that high-tech gadget, or booked a holiday on a whim, now your home is your priority.

Here are Jackson & Co's top five life changes that first time buyers will relate to.

What is a Lie In?

Remember when you used to lie in on a Sunday morning? Maybe have breakfast in bed and watch Sunday Brunch on the television? Now you are up and about bright and early and heading to B&Q for curtain rails, shelves etc to personalise your new home, and to the shops for duvet covers, crockery and other bits and pieces.

Tester Pots and Colour Charts

Decorating can be fun and exciting at first, but that can wear off as you work your way through your new home room by room. Working out what colour to paint each room, deciding whether to have a feature wall and wondering if you should paint it or wallpaper it, can seem an endless task. But eventually you will finish that last room and be able to throw out all those tester pots and colour charts you have accumulated.

Homemaking Before Fashion

Did you ever imagine you could prioritise something over a new dress? That jacket you've had your eye on? Or that expensive watch? Now, likely as not, you'll find yourself ignoring clothes shops and the fashion section in your favourite department store in favour of seeking out that special piece for your living room or duvet cover for the bedroom.

Pinterest is your New Best Friend

Stuck for ideas? Where better to get inspiration for making your new home your own than Pinterest? Whether you are looking for soft furnishings, colours that complement each other, pieces to personalise your living space, projects for your home and other ideas to try it's all there on Pinterest.

Staying In is the New Going Out

You probably won't have time for much socialising while you're getting your new home how you want it, then once you have packed away the paint brushes, paint tins, wallpapering table and stepladder you'll probably want to spend your evenings enjoying the fruits of your efforts, and maybe have friends round to show off to.

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